1st Issue Reprint

2001 Reprint of the 1st Issue of Sports Illustrated

Donít get stuck buying a reprint (like the one below) at an original issue price.

1st issue mag

Here is one of the best ways to tell if itís original:

There is an ad that is located at the bottom of page one of the August 16, 1954 first issue. In the ad, there is some writing that is located on the gas pump logo. If you look at the logo on the gas pump through a magnifying glass, you wonít be able to read the lettering on the reprint.

1st issue ad 1


1st issue ad 2


1st issue ad 3


Other ways to tell if you have a reprint:

 The reprint has whiter and glossier paper.

 The original has a mail in subscription card attached to the table of contents page. The reprint does not.

Mail in Subscription Card on the table of contents page of an original issue.

1st issue mail in

Original issue sold from the SI warehouse find in 1994

1st issue 40 yrs

Original issue sent out in an Si mailer in 1954

1st issue orig

Original mailer for the first issue

original mailer
original mailer 2

August 17, 1964 Reprint of the 1st Issue of Sports Illustrated

Spec 1964 Reprint
Spec 1964 Reprint back

1964 Reprint. 28 pages total. No table of contents.

spec 1964 pade 1
spec 1964 page 2
spec 1964 inside page a
spec 1964 inside page 2 b
spec 1964 2nd to last page
spac 1964 last page 2