Fold Out Covers

Sports Illustrated Fold Out Issues

The First Fold Out Issue of Sports Illustrated

fold 59 football a
fold 59 football b

                                                                                                  Football Issue 9/21/59

Killebrew 150 fold killebrew bb

Harmon Killebrew 4/8/63

fold whitey a
fold whitey bbb
fold nicklaus a fold nicklaus bb

Jack Nicklaus 6/17/63

fold hunter b
fold hunter a
fold chuck howley 204 fold cowboys c

Dallas Cowboys 9/9/63

fold 64open a fold 64open b

Newsstand Issues Needed Here

Ford & Downing 9/30/63

fold amercup a fold amercup b

America Cup 8/24/64

fold 65open a fold 65open b

US Open 6/14/65

fold ventura a fold ventura bbb

Ken Ventura 6/13/66

Deer Hunter 10/7/63

ya 150 fold tittle b

YA Tittle 9/7/64

fold tark a fold tark b

Tarkenton & Shinnick 9/13/65

hornung 150

Hornung & Taylor and Grabowski &

US Open 6/15/64

fold 64olymp a fold 64olymp b

Tokyo Olympics  10/5/64

fold zoilo a fold zoilo b

Zoilo Versailes 10/4/65

fold 66 rams 2a fold 66 rams bb

Rams Offense 10/3/66

Anderson 08/24/64

fold robinson a fold robinson b

Frank & Brooks Robinson and Hank Baur 10/10/66

fold usc a fold usc b

Texas vs USC and John McKay 10/2/67

fold kareem a fold kareem b

Kareem Abdul Jabbar 12/5/66

fold 68 cardinals a150 fold cardinals bb

St. Louis Cardinals 10/7/68

fold 68olyim a fold 68olyim bbb

1968 Olympics 9/30/68 Jim Ryun, Kip Keino, Avery Brundage & Dr. Harry Edwards.

fold casper a fold casper b

Casper & Palmer 6/12/67

fold usopen a fold usopen b

US Open & Jack Nicklaus 6/10/68

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